01 May 2015

Time For an E-change

PLEASE NOTE: Articles on this blog are being archived or moved to the new website at 'Life & Death in the Sunshine State'.

After five years at this address, the Boggo Blog is moving house to Life & Death in the Sunshine State. This is not so much a tree-change or a sea-change, but more of an e-change. It will allow me to do a lot of spring cleaning of the deadwood and make a fresh start. Rolling reports on the ever-changing redevelopment plans for Boggo Road since 2010 have resulted in a lot of now-obsolete information and dead links on this site page. Other articles are no longer relevant or (frankly) all that interesting.

Some articles will be reworked, updated, and transferred to the new home, and others will go into the archives. This website will remain in place but each story will have links redirecting readers to the new home.This move will take place over the next few weeks.

It will also allow a slight change of focus. There will still be reliable updates on the new era for Boggo, and tales of the death penalty, colonial prisons, graveyards, and unusual bits of Queensland history. There will also be continued monitoring of shenanigans in the 'paranormal industry'. The occasional new stuff will be in section featuring other historical subject matter (music, sci-fi, football). 

The Boggo Blog has somehow amassed over a million views over the years, which isn't bad for a niche blog, and has twice been nominated in the 'Best Australian Blog' awards. There have been over 200 articles and hundreds of comments, many of which will be sadly lost (to the archives) during the move. However, with changes coming to Boggo this seems like a good time for renewal.

Thanks for the readership over the years, and hopefully I can build on the base I already have while creating new and better material.

Chris Dawson
1 May 2015.