07 July 2010

Satan Story Rises From the Grave

There's a bit of strange article on the web today about the Brisbane City Council placing extra security to combat Satanist wannabees in our cemeteries in an attempt to reduce vandalism. What makes it strange is that these security patrols commenced last year, and those of us who had been pushing for a stronger approach by BCC on the issue of cemetery vandalism were told of them back then.

Satan Story Rises From the Grave

So why is it news now? It seems the measures were announced in the BCC Civic Cabinet in October 2009, the minutes of which were previously kept secret but have now been released.

Thats fair enough, but surely the introduction of extra security patrols in cemeteries should have been broadcast far and wide by the BCC back when they started. Unless of course they wanted to catch people unawares, but I don't know of any arrests yet.

There is still some way to go on this issue. Fencing off places like South Brisbane Cemetery would be a good step. It may not stop people from getting in, but a good fence sends a message to would-be trespassers, its lets them know that this is a line and if they cross this line then they are knowingly breaking the law.

Which is another thing. Although Attorney-General Cameron Dick is currently reviewing vandalism laws, it would also help if the BCC introduced some cemetery by-laws of its own. They only need to look at Ipswich council, who have such laws in place and the general cemetery fenced off, and have had only one case of vandalism in five years (BTW - that vandalism happened on the day that a Queensland 'paranormal investigation' group was in there. Connection or coincidence?)

So, yeah, strange to see old news surfacing this morning, but welcome nonetheless. Hopefully one day BCC will actually go all-out on this issue.

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