28 August 2010

Moonlight Tours Madness!

Last night we ran our first 'Moonlight Tour' over at the South Brisbane Cemetery, and may well have saved the cemetery from serious damage when the prompt actions of tour staff led to the expulsion of a large group of rowdy trespassers.

Photo of Moonlight Tours South Brisbane Cemetery (BRGHS)

Reaching the point of presenting our first tour was no easy task for us and the Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery. We've had to negotiate a long bureaucratic process and ignore a series of ridiculous threats from a person trying to stop us, and I guess it shouldn't have too surprising when our first tour proved to be rather dramatic.

Towards the end of the tour we were stood in the heart of the cemetery answering questions, when a car pulled into the cemetery, then another one, then another one. All up at least five cars full of yahoos drove in, parked up some 50 metres away from us, and the occupants got out and started larking around very noisily. We quickly moved the group away and called the cops, and about five minutes later two squad cars, two paddy wagons and the dog squad turned up. They blocked off the entrances to the cemetery and went in and managed to round up the trespassers, take their numbers, and send them on their way.

The police response was brilliant, and it was all rather exciting for the tour group! However, it did highlight some serious issues:

1. the need for lockable gates to be installed at South Brisbane Cemetery
2. the cemetery laws are too weak to allow for trespassers like these to be charged

We will be raising the issues with the city council, but in the meantime why not join us for a Moonlight Tour . We can't promise drama and action every time, but we can promise a fascinating and fun tour experience at the great price of just $15.

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