20 January 2011

Brisbane Flood Damage 2011

The January 2011 floods only had an indirect impact on the Boggo Road gaol (such as moving it to the bottom of Public Works priorities). However, some historical sites and museums in Brisbane have been hit harder:

Commissariat Store
This was built in the 1820s and is now home to the Royal Historical Society of Queensland. The convict-built retaining wall on William Street partly collapsed after a water pipe behind it burst, punching major breaches in the wall of the bottom storey of the Store. The water pipe (image here) then gushed water through, although no water entered the Store itself. The building was assessed and judged to be structurally sound, although it was closed for a while. See more here.

Commissariat Store flood damage, Brisbane, 2011.

Maritime Museum
The dry dock holding HMS Diamantina was flooded (video here), and the Capricornia light-ship reportedly sunk. The ground floor of the museum flooded to a depth of about 30 cm.

Queensland Maritime Museum flood damage, Brisbane, 2011.

Queensland Museum
The museum collection was safe from flooding, although the facility was closed for a while. The floods did get close though, as the following image (from this page) shows:

Queensland Museum flood damage, 2011.
BCC libraries
In addition to these heritage sites, three Brisbane council libraries were affected by flood water: Fairfield, New Farm and Stones Corner. These libraries remained closed for weeks, although all the books had been removed from these branches.

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