25 January 2011

Karma, the Cemetery & the Floods

This story can be read at 'South Brisbane Cemetery'.

The good work of a volunteer group is paid back when the community pitched in to clean up a cemetery after big flooding.


  1. The world should have more people like Tracey. She is truly deserving of getting some help in return. I have signed up for the Great Graveyard Shift.
    Karma is a good definition for this and dear Tracey, it looks like some is finally being returned to you for all that you do.

  2. So true. I will pass on your comments to Tracey. The Great Graveyard Shift is really shaping up well and we have a lot of people lined up who haven't officially signed on yet - it should be a good one. See you there!

  3. Cleaning up is very essential so that there is a clean environment.the damp from water clogging also needs to be dried and cleaned of any fungus infestation that may have taken place.When the environment is healthy there is less pollution and also good health in the surroundings.Good job done.

  4. Thanks. Speaking of healthy environments, the Brisbane city council had to close a lot of public parks when they realised the floodwaters had left bacterial residue behind.

    We had to leave the headstones alone during our clean up, as they are heritage protected and need to be cleaned in non-damaging ways.