07 November 2011

The Ghost That Haunted South Brisbane Cemetery... From 1,000 Miles Away

Read about how a photo from Tasmania was passed off as a ghost in Queensland... and what happened when the truth was exposed.

This story can be read at the 'About Those Ghosts...' website.

Photo of alleged ghost at 'South Brisbane Cemetery'. In truth it was taken in Tasmania.


  1. As Abraham Lincoln said :
    You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

    This was certainly the case with this photo. The comments that followed were the best things I have read on that page for some time. It has now all been deleted because there were some obvious tough home truths stated by some commentors. I have never been to the South Brisbane Cemetery but it also just didn't look like a cemetery to me. Some people just need to see past the mist and work that out and that was clearly evident in the "whole" photo.

    I do not believe that Ghost Tours just made a simple mistake - not after cropping it to such a degree. This will do nothing good for their reputation.

    One thing is starting to become rather annoying - they are constantly now deleting people's comments and especially if the commentor is not saying all lovey dovey stuff about them. Rather hypocritical I think since they can slag off others and it is ok.


  2. Hah - love the blog Chris. I said it would all vanish off the facebook page and it has. Can't have anything on there that doesn't make them look perfect :P

    How many un-suspecting people would have just believed them and this is a huge problem and it does make it look bad for other companies and groups as one of the commentors stated. I couldn't agree more!

    Makes you wonder about all the other stuff ghost tours does?????


  3. I was very dismayed when I saw the photo ghost tours posted because I knew it was not taken in the South Brisbane Cemetery. There is nowhere in that cemetery that remotely looks like the cropped version of the photo.

    From what I gathered the owner of the photo was just after some genuine opinions on what this was in the photo. I was very impressed that Haunted Australia could identify the location without being told.

    I don't need to state my opinion on why this was done by ghost tours - intelligent people can see the facts for themselves and make their own decsions on it.

    Another great blog Chris.

  4. Ghost Tours are out of their depth with the paranormal!!


  5. Here is a new Brisbane ghosts blog I just stumbled across - a hugely interesting piece on pretty much the same subject, definitely worth a look.

  6. I stumbled across this in doing a little research on the gaol. I ended up reading the other blog and doing a little bit of detective work for myself on the internet. I cannot believe this man is seen as such an expert when it is clearly evident he is not. As for the other blog -
    "a book written by an unqualified salesman plugging gimmicky tours based on fictionalised "heritage"
    not a truer word said in my opinion.

    When I get to Brisbane next I will definitely try and make it for a moonlight tour - I am a bit of a history buff and I would be much happier doing a tour with proper historians.

    Keep up the good work.

    Russell - Toowoomba

  7. I have taken the time to read all of your blogs and the other blog you linked. I also visited facebook knowing this has all been deleted.

    I wonder why ghost tours cropped this photo instead of posting the original - that seems rather suspicious to me. It is very obvious that their facebook page is only intended for anything positive which is something I personally do not like. You can certainly tell who his friends are with the "over the top" comments - just pathetic really.

    It is obvious this man is no expert.

    I will check this again when you update in regards to the legal threat. I am rather curious on what they think you have done that warrants it as I can see none.

    Paul C

  8. You got a legal threat? Oh you are kidding me right. I see this blog got 2 bullshit votes - can guess where they came from.

    The Archerfield Ghost story makes for one very interesting read indeed.


  9. LOL, too effing funny. Ghost Tours cracks me up with their antics.

  10. Okay folks, the update is available here:


  11. To the commentor that stated

    "LOL, too effing funny. Ghost Tours cracks me up with their antics."

    Yeh this is real funny and what a great example he and his company is to his band of followers.

    Is it funny that he constantly bags out hard working volunteers, constantly threatens them and has done again over this? Is it funny that he can accuse people of being stooges without proof? Is it funny he claims other peoples work as his own? GROW UP!!


  12. I went on a ghost tour of that cemetery once. There's $35 I'll never see again. At least at a theatre restaraunt you get food with the stupid amateur theatrics.
    Ket, 8mile