14 December 2011

The Woman in Black: Solving the Mystery of a Vanishing Ghost

Learn about yet another bit of 'paranormal industry' fraud, this time the invention and sudden disappearance of a cemetery ghost.

This story can be read at the 'About Those Ghosts...' website.

19th-century mourning clothes


  1. How would the St Ursuline sisters feel knowing one of their own has been treated in this apalling manner? These people devoted their lives to religious service and now Ghost Tour has one of them haunting the cemetery with a skull face, that is just not right. There were real people who deserve to be treated with a bit more respect than that.
    Maree, Buranda

  2. Oh Maree you are so right. Myself, being one of the Catholic faith find it disrespectful. Amazing how this story has changed twice in such a short period of time and by the one tour company???

    How can you mistake the Ellen Thompson graves? Obviously someone who doesn't know the cemetery all that well - I thought the year of death was a pretty good clue.

    It is great to see this blog and Haunts of Brisbane clearing up some of these stories - it is a shame that someone can warp our history in such a bad way. Ghost Tours should really learn the art of basic research.