09 January 2013

Origins of the 94 People Hanged in Queensland

Where did each of the 94 people who were hanged in Queensland come from?

This story can be read at 'A Scaffold High'.


  1. That is an ugly set of statistics....the graphs make it oh, so clear.

  2. How is "Aboriginal" a category at the same level as Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria? Of 93 people hanged, 31 were born on this continent and 62 were migrants. Of the migrants, half (31) were born in Europe. Of those locally born, 21 were indigenous and 10 the descendants of immigrants.

    These data do not look nearly so dramatic presented in that way. But that is what spin is all about, isn't it.

  3. No spin, Bob, it's just of historical interest and of course raw data can be sliced and diced any number of ways. What people choose to read into it or get upset about is their own business. I think it's relevant to look at Aboriginal numbers because in those days they were not treated in the same way as Europeans when it came to certain crimes. For example, 16 men were hanged for rape in Queensland, and only one was white. 12 were Aboriginal, 3 were South Sea Islanders. All the victims were white. That is a huge statistical difference which makes it useful to categorise Aborigines in this way. Take out the crime of rape and as many Irish or Chinese were hanged as Aborigines. Anyway, the main point of this data is to show the multi-national mix that was colonial Queensland.