26 January 2013

Queensland Heritage Sites & Museums: A Price Comparison

The Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society wants to see History at the old prison run along not-for-profit lines, as currently practiced at such world-class attractions such as Old Melbourne Gaol, Fremantle Prison and Port Arthur. When Boggo Road was reopened for an interim period in late 2012 under private management I did a comparison of how the current adult admission prices prices there stack up to other heritage sites in Queensland. Here are the results:  

Price comparison chart of Queensland heritage sites.

I don't think much more needs to be said other than this is one good argument for why Boggo Road should be run along not-for-profit lines. 


  1. I think this guy Sim's should be locked up in one of the smallest cells in Boggo Road (For Good). Charged with daylight robbery. I'd pay $40 to the Boggo Road Historical Society just to see him. Place him in chains first though. Criminals should be kept behind bars. Maybe a hanging could be carried out. Now I pay good money to see this clown swing.

  2. Steady on Chucka, that's a bit harsh! The editorial policy of the Boggo Blog is not to advocate hanging people, except for that Bernard Tomic guy.