10 March 2013

Ghost Hunts, Charlatans, & ‘Psychopathic Liars’

An expose on the types of people that can find a home in the unregulated 'paranormal industry' of ghost hunts and ghost tours in Queensland.

This story can be read at 'About Those Ghosts...'

Snake oil linament.


  1. This truelybsux. he has no friggen IDEA what went on in there , just because he's Campbells mate he gets free rein. SHAME but I guess Bjelke-Peterson would be dancing.

  2. This happens far more then most people know, people lie, cheat, intentionally con others. Just google Black moon manor fraud. A person leased the place for $100.00 a month and created lies to sucker in lots of people frothing at the bit to giveaway money. This led to the place being torn down.