05 March 2013

Top 10 Free Online History Resources for Queenslanders

For those of us who used to spend far too much time travelling from part of town to another to crawl through microform records and paperwork to get hold of some historical snippet or other and then all too often returning home empty-handed, the growing hoard of online data and records is a Godsend. I have listed some useful resources here (in no particular order), but of course have probably missed some. Please feel free to let me know of any good stuff I have missed.

This National Library of Australia website features journals, pictures and other material, but it is the massive searchable range digitised newspapers going back to the 1800s that make this such a brilliant resource.

Trove, National Library of Australia
Audio recordings of Queensland politicians and public servants talking about their life in public service during 1968-2008. Has a good search facility. Type in the word 'Boggo' and hear people explaining how nothing was ever their fault! From the UQ Centre for the Government of Queensland.

Queensland Speaks, University of Queensland.

Text Queensland
Another excellent website from the UQ Centre for the Government of Queensland. This one gives online access to a whole range of theses, journals, government gazettes, almanacs, books and Hansard. Has a word search facility to make things easier. Saves a lot of time having to go and physically get a hold of these documents.

Text Queensland, University of Queensland

Basic information about cities, suburbs, towns and villages in Queensland with a population of over 500. Yet another great website from the UQ Centre for the Government of Queensland.

Queensland Places, University of Queensland

Queensland Historical Atlas
The fourth and final offering from the UQ Centre for the Government of Queensland, this atlas features numerous peer-reviewed articles and of course plenty of great maps and images.

Queensland Historical Atlas

Picture Queensland
Thousands of pictures from the State Library of Queensland collection can be viewed here. Like most parts of the SLQ websites it can be a little bit tricky to navigate but very useful. Also excellent and much easier and quicker to use is Picture Ipswich, as well as Brisbane City Council's 'Brisbane Images'.
Picture Queensland, State Library of Queensland

Australian Cemeteries Index
Compiled by a network of individuals and community groups, this website features listings for 191 Queensland cemeteries, sometimes with photos of headstones. An excellent resource for those searching for graves. The South Brisbane cemetery section, with info from the FOSBC, is especially good.

Australian Cemeteries Index database

Australian Dictionary of Biography
Produced by the Australian National University's 'National Centre of Biography', this online version of the books first published in 1966 features hundreds of biographies of prominent Australians. Obviously only useful for the more famous people, but still a very handy and reliable resource.

Australian Dictionary of Biography

Queensland Births, Deaths & Marriages
This Department of Justice and Attorney-General website features a great search facility for tracking births, deaths and marriages back through the 19th century.

Queensland Births, Deaths & Marriages

Queensland State Archives
There's never as much online digital records as we'd like these days, but the Queensland State Archives website is coming on well, going from a simple search facility to throwing up some pleasant surprises with it's online material. Still the number 1 stop for prison records.

Queensland State Archives

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