29 November 2014

The Historical Suffering of the Mentally-Ill is Not a Sideshow Alley Freakshow

What is the real motivation behind a ghost tour company's demands that a Brisbane mental health institution be opened up to ghost hunters?

This story can be read at 'About Those Ghosts...'

Wolston Park Hospital. (Wikimedia Commons)

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  1. so you have a place people want to go to in Queensland what do you do?put police there to capture/fine people and security and fencing to keep people out what do you think that means to the people desperate enough to go there? yep they think gees the cops are hiding something, you know what could work?make the place safe offer tours at night turn it into a historical land mark encourage people to go to the place fix it up hell you may create a couple of jobs in the process but nar things dont work like that in queensland......