29 March 2015

BRGHS Statement on the Current Boggo Road Planning Situation

The following is a statement from the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society (Inc.) management committee on the subject of the current Boggo Road proposals.
1 Division, Boggo Road Gaol, Brisbane, Queensland, 1915.

29 March 2015

The current Boggo planning situation

Official planning for the transformation of the Boggo Road heritage prison into a mixed-use historical/cultural/dining venue has now reached the advanced stages. This process began in 2011 when the Queensland government awarded the redevelopment contract to Leighton Properties (see the original statement from Anna Bligh here).

Elements of planning include formulating ways in which the site could be utilised; what structural changes (if any) are required; and if any proposed changes meet heritage requirements.

Although the developers are still engaged in discussions with various stakeholders about how the historical and cultural activities at the site could be managed, the draft plans are currently under PRELIMINARY review by state government officials. The purpose of this stage is to assess if those plans meet the basic requirements to proceed to the FULL governmental review stage.

At the time of writing, the government has not signed off on any proposals.

If the development application reaches that next stage, there will be a public consultation period and a thorough official assessment of the development application, including consideration by heritage bodies. It is important to remember that any plans will have to meet the conditions of the original tender contract.

The process will likely take several months and there will be time for the public to have input into this process in a rational and considered manner.

The Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society approach

The BRGHS is an incorporated association with around 300 members. We have been involved in discussions about the future of Boggo for over a decade. We have seen the latest plans and continue to discuss them in detail with the companies and officials involved in the redevelopment.

The BRGHS fully supports the mixed-use approach to opening up the heritage prison. As for any structural changes, we will be encouraging our members and the public to consider any proposed changes and to express their own opinions during the public consultation stage.

It is, however, crucial that any consideration is based on factual data and an appreciation of the wider economic context of this project. The BRGHS will continue to engage in stakeholder discussions and provide factual information to help our members and the public better understand the planning process.


Stephen M Gage (President, BRGHS)
Mick Kindness (Vice-President)
Chris Dawson (Secretary)

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