03 July 2015

Boggo Road & the Kindness of Strangers

Some comments from the public about the management fiasco at Boggo Road, Brisbane. After Campbell Newman controversially handed commerical control of Boggo Road to a small businessman back in 2012, the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society created an online petition demanding that the heritage prison be run for public benefit instead. It attracted hundreds of signatures,and the hardcopy form had thousands more.

A highlight of this campaign was the 'comment' section underneath the petition, 'Why is this important to you?' A small selection of those replies are reproduced below. 

A few of these people I do know, but the vast majority were strangers to me, and that fact really encouraged the historical society. The basic idea of community groups getting a fair go at Boggo and being allowed to present affordable and better tours for the visiting public is hard to argue against. The idea of volunteers being required to work for the financial benefit of a private business is hard to defend.

Take it away, folks:

douglas cooper AUSTRALIA

It is essential that ,as a heritage site with an important history, that it be managed as a not for profit site for the community to visit & appreciate our history. It should never be used as a commercial money making venture.

Keep it in the family

Rosalind McConnel AUSTRALIA 
I'd like it to be run by passionate historians who are in it for historical accuracy and preservation, not personal profit and thrills. 

Rob Colthorpe AUSTRALIA
Fair & equitable access for all!

It is heritage site not somewhere to make a joke of 

Steve Beutel AUSTRALIA
This historical site belongs to the public and as such should not be used to allow individuals to make personal gain!! Never Ever!!

This historical public asset is owned by the people of Queensland, yet Campbell Newman saw fit to give to a man whose business is based on ghosts free rent for 5 months and all he had to do was pay for electricity. Even our elderly don't get that sweet a deal.

Boggo Road gaol is a site of historical significance to Queensland and should remain under public ownership and management. The cost impacts of privatisation is damaging not only the utility of the site for public organisations of interest but is also damaging the tourist potential of the site through the exorbitant fees being charged. Australia's heritage should not be for sale and should remain under Government control and management

I spent 10 Years in Qld and consider it my second home. Boggo Road Gaol is a significant piece of Australian and Queensland history which should not be handed over to a private company without due process and public consideration. This is a valuable historical asset which should be upgraded and able to be turned into something special.

Its part of history and should be available to the masses and not just to rich people.

Boggo Road jail is historical. The jail should not be used for private profit as it is part of history and a part of the local community where it stands. This jail should belong to the people not the 'man'.

Debra Atkinson AUSTRALIA
This privatisation experiment of public heritage listed buildings has failed on all levels. The site is an important part of our history. It is a public asset and should remain so. It should not under any circumstances be run for private profit.

Matthew Dixon AUSTRALIA
Run Boggo Road Gaol museum for public good, not private profit!

The government tends to outsource everything now days this historic site should not be under should not be under the control of just 1 person make it fair for everyone queensland owns it. let's keep it . I say no to privatisation

Stephen Green AUSTRALIA
Previously employed in Queensland Prisons and believe that this icon is not being effectively utilised for the public good at present.

History and tradition belong to the people and not a private entity

Jeff Campbell ESK, AUSTRALIA
The Public should be able to enjoy the local heritage, without having to pay large amounts to see it 

Gillian Carter AUSTRALIA
The Ghost Tours hogging the entire interim opening is really just wrong on many levels. I would prefer to see the diverse range of options as other similar sites around Australia. An absolute bloody shame!!!!

Peter Alleman AUSTRALIA
It is a publicly owned Qld historical iconic site and should be available to all and not be there for private profit.

Privatisation of some of Queensland's most historic monuments is completely unacceptable. The Newman government should hang their heads in shame if this goes ahead!

there are not many things left that are available to the public (tours etc), and this place has a lot of history. We moved from NZ and knew about it before we even thought about moving to Australia!!

Rachael Hodgen AUSTRALIA
Because the Gaol belongs to all Queenslanders. No one individual should be able to profit from this historical site

This is Queensland's heritage, not a place for one person to make profit out of.

Tracey Olivieri AUSTRALIA
The Gaol should be available to everyone - not just one greedy businessman  

As member of a not for profit museum I have seen the benefit to the community that volunteers can do for the public good. It gives active older citizens an outlet to assist in imparting the history of the area

Heritage-listed public assets should be protected, not handed over to commercial businesses. Let the not-for-profit organisation be in control for the benefit of ALL who revere our history.

Brendan Palmer AUSTRALIA
I am involved in several Historical Organisations and consider Boggo Road Gaol a historic site and wish to see the volunteers continue to provide their services to the Public who visit this site.

Graham Kluver AUSTRALIA Volunteers are just that!! They give their time and effort for the good of the community. Providing benefit for a private enterprise is tantamount to slave labour with no benefit to the community, only the money making of private concerns!!!

Boggo Road is part of our heritage and a reminder of how bad things once were.

Peter Haycock AUSTRALIA
I am a member the BRGHS and an ex Prison Officer at that Gaol. It should be kept in good repair it is part of our Heritage!

Marleen Paff AUSTRALIA
The stories from the gaol as told by the pople who actually worked there are intriguing, entertaining, and historically accurate... as opposed to a Jack (why let the truth get in the way of a good story) Sim Tour. Shame, Campbell Newman, SHAME.

This should be a public visit place australian history is important for everyone especially for our future generations to come, there are places in Australia where other cities live underneath the current city. I live in Ballarat Victoria a well known historical town. Allowing this to become public would increase township sales and tourism and that would make more jobs and help out Australia. I urge you for the sake of our people our communities and the history of our ancestors, to make this public for all to enjoy. Even if you have to make an entry fee, this place would be a wonderful place to visit. I know id spend my money in your town for your locals to help me get a grasp of what it was like back then and how good we all have it now. Please this is all we ask. Thank you

Stanislav Bernat AUSTRALIA
It's a historical site, that belongs to public and not for business greedy enterpreneurs. Brisbane can't afford to loose this one. There is not to many left.Many invisible life stories are written in those walls.

kade jones AUSTRALIA
this is a site that needs to be and should be used as an educational facility. The history of this site and what it means to people is important to share. Why should the govt and a certain Mr Jack Sim be using it as a money grab and using it for the wrong purposes? This site should be open for all, invest in the future, turn it into a living museum.

Louise Thomson AUSTRALIA
People need to know the history of this heritage listed public asset and not have someone reap in money into their own pocket.
For the people!!!!!!

Boggo Road Gaol is an invaluable historic, social & educational resource owned by the people of Queensland - to allow a commercial enterprise to control this resource, wholly for personal profit to the detriment of the greater community, is an absolute travesty.

Allow all the public to enjoy and learn from our wonderful past.

I think that the government should keep heritage properties and maintain the litlle bit of history that still remains in Brisbane. If only the government appreciated the history of Boggo Road gaol as much as the City Halls history.

because being charged $25 to see 1 cellblock is a straight out rip off. get them out of there

Deborah Finney AUSTRALIA
Should be run by historical society. They are dedicated to our history and not ruled by the almighty dollar.

Another Newman decision that lacks transparency and accountability and for which no tender process was undertaken.

As an important historical site, it should me managed in a way that returns the best availability and access to the people of Queensland and tourists alike.

The Queensland government's lack of transparency in handling heritage sites is appalling. Brisbane in particular is renowned world-wide for destroying buildings of great cultural & historical significance. History is a public domain thus "museum sites" such as Boggo Road Gaol should remain under public not private control. This would ensure all monies generated by the public asset go directly into maintenance and protection of the site for future generations as opposed to private profit.

Would love to tour it, but at $25/Adult...no thanks.

Surely there is a dark dungeon there to put Campbell Newman for the rest of his natural life.

Public good, what more do we need to say!!!

It OUR History, not the LNP's to sell off!

Ted Domanski
Because people who never experienced the feel of working amongst prisoners, shouldn't be running the place.

Lorraine Carter
My father was born in Brisbane and I have cousins who still live there. I fly from WA to Queensland each year to do family research. Family researchers need easy access to all records. Boggo Road Gaol should be for the community and looked after by the govt as many heritage properties are.

Kevin Wallace
Public access to historical buildings is important and this must always be inexpensive.

dawn pearce
this is OUR heritage and should not be used only by private companies

Bruce Woodstock
As a fellow Historical Society we realise the importance of havibg access to premises that reflect the history of our state or country

Tony White
Keep our heritage in the hands of the people

Kate Krause
This is a significant part of our history and everyone should be able to access it...it needs to be run by those who are passionate about taking care of it.

Anne Panitz
As a community museum volunteer i know the work it requires to keep these places open to the public. Dedicated volunteers have a love for these places and for preserving the history of such a place. Please let dedicated people with the history of Queensland in their hearts run such a place! 

Barbara Wild
Brisbane deserves an accessible, interactive historical site. Why should Melbourne and Sydney have all the fun?

Denis Peel
The Historical Society has contributed a huge amount to the preservation and development of the gaol and are now being effectively locked out.

fred van essen
I recently took my family to the gaol. It is a fantastic site, the entry fee may have been expensive.  but.... if the money made is also used for maintainence, you do not mind!!.but .... their is no maintainence being carried out on this site.So if placing control of this site back to the government brings the goal back to its formerly glory, then this should be done. 

Tricia Simpson
This process should have been tendered and the historical society should have been taken into consideration

Ron Pokarier
History belongs to the people, not to commercial operators.

Glenda Pokarier
This historic site should not become an opportunity for small business profiteering.

Mick Dance
I worked at Boggo Rd for 11 years in the 1980's. It is a very special place for me and holds many memories. It should be refurbished and protected as an historical site. There are many tales to be told about "THE ROAD".

Maree Ganley
the work of volunteers researchers and tour guides helps to ensure all of our history is known and preserved for generations to come. We go into the future with the strength of knowledge of our past

Lynette Fleming
As a member of a local Family History Society I see the importance of preserving our history.

Steve Reynolds
People should be able to listen to the people who were warders or prisoners, not some pack of kids who know nothing about the jail.

Peter Wilson
Historical Society were fantastic, finding information and assisting my research. Why destroy an outstanding community organisation for a few pieces of silver, Campbell?  

suzanne andrews
Because it's a wonderful part of Brisbane's history and should be available to all not at a profit for a private company. So many fantastic things about this city. It shouldn't have a price .

Jan Grant
Because it is a heritage site and should be managed by people who know how to preserve this heritage and keep accessibility free of private  commercial control whose only interest is in making money.

Ray Thurlow
Heritage matters are best left in the hands of a not-for-profit organisation as is already the case in many other places.

Rebecca Fitz-Herbert
History gives perspective on where we have been and who we are now.  The story needs to be told properly!

Lee Hunter
because we have sold off far too much of our government owned land and property as it is. Something like this needs to be preserved and available to the general public, not just those who can afford to pay the high prices a private firm would charge for access (if they dont just find a way to tear it down in the first place!)

Tara Young
Australia's heritage & landmarks should be accessible by both Australians & tourists at a reasonable cost. They are our heritage & a symbol of our past, not a business to make a profit from. We have lost too much if our heritage already to it her Privatisation gone wrong or modern development. Listen to the people...we want this Gaol to remain affordably accessible & maintained for our future generations. 

Cat Steele
Shame LNP shame! Boggo Road is our heritage

Greg Glidden
This is an important heritage site of historical significance. Furthermore, it is an asset which was paid for and belongs to the people of Queensland and must continue to be managed by the government. Private enterprise has no place here!

Many thanks to you all! 

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