13 August 2016

The Lost Graveyard of Terranora Creek

A look at a lost graveyard with links to some tragic events near Tweed Heads.

This story is now located at the 'South Brisbane Cemetery' website.

The dry dock (constructed 1898) on the Tweed, 1937. This was located near the old graveyard. (John Oxley Library)


  1. The Philp Parade monument is still in place. You can still see it (sort of) on Google Street view at 28° 11.610'S 153° 31.119'E its amongst the trees but you can see the distinctive shape. We were last there about 18 months ago.

    The Coral Street is a new monument.

    We've recently discovered that the area now known as Boyd Family Park at West Tweed on the Piggabeen Cobaki Road was a gazetted cemetery but no internments ever took place. I don't have all the details in front of me but maps show plans dividing the area into different denominations. The road plans within the designated cemetery area can still be seen on NSW Globe.

    1. Thanks to much for that, Susan, that's great to be able to pinpoint the right place. I did search Google Earth earlier but was about 100 metres up the road so I missed that. I'll update the article soon. :)

    2. What you termed "Tweed Heads Maritime Museum" is renamed the Tweed Heads Historical Society (THHS) and is linked with the Tweed Regional Museum. The Terranora headstone still exists in the custody of the THHS. THHS website http://tweedhistory.org.au/