Boggo Road

Discover some of the many fascinating tales of Brisbane's notorious Boggo Road prison.

The Day They Smashed a Truck Through the Boggo Road Gates Learn how one of the most spectacular escapes in Boggo Road history left a garbage truck and the prison gates in need of repair.

One Big Mistake to Avoid When Donating to a Museum Collection Be careful when donating objects to museums like Boggo Road - there are private businesses out there taking donations without telling you who they are.

A Boggo Road Great: John Banks, 1939-2014 A look at the legacy of John Banks, one of the true champions of Boggo Road heritage.

How to Build a Boob Gun... And Why You Shouldn't 
Just how did prisoners manage to cobble together improvised tattoo machines in their prison cells? find out here.

The Boggo Road 'Shit Tubs'
 Learn about the legendary sanitary tubs of Brisbane's Boggo Road prison, used there until the 1980s.

Getting Into Hot Water in a Boggo Road Cell Discover how prisoners used to improvise cell-made kettles to get a cup of tea after dark.

John Andrew Stuart & Jim Finch: Double Trouble Learn about John Andrew Stuart and Jim Finch, mass murderers sent to Boggo Road and two of the most controversial prisoners in Queensland prison history.

The Ghosts of the Boggo Road Exercise Yards Discover the unnoticed graffiti etched into the metalwork of the Boggo Road prison exercise yards.

When Steele Rudd Met the Kenniff Brothers at Boggo Road Author Steele Rudd had the unenviable task of informing the Kenniff brothers about the mixed outcome of their appeal against their death penalties.

A Suffragette Recalls Boggo Road Gaol A suffragette of the 1900s recalls her time inside Brisbane's Boggo Road Gaol of the 1930s.

Colonial Queensland Prisoners: Where Were They From? A breakdown of the origins of the inmates of Queensland prisons back in the 1880s-'90s.

'A disgrace to civilisation': Scenes From Boggo Road, 1887 Delving into a surprisingly frank and detailed look at Boggo Road prison life in the 1880s.

Boab Prison Trees: Fact or Fiction? Were boab trees in Western Australia really once used as makeshift lock-up cells, or is just it an urban myth?

No Hooking Way! When Prisoners Swallow Metal Learn all about how and why Boggo Road prisoners of the 1970s made and deliberately swallowed metal hooks that lodged in their digestive system.

The Mysterious Escape of Fingers & Bluey, 1973 How did Russell and Bateman escape from the new cellblocks at Boggo Road in 1973? The answer has never been all that clear.

Slim Halliday: Man or Spider-Man? Did Arthur 'Slim' Halliday REALLY jump from a cellblock roof to escape from Boggo Road?

'They’re too soft on them these days': Ex-Officer After Boggo Road Riot of 1926 Learn how even back in the 1920s prison staff were complaining about lax treatment of inmates in the Queensland prison system.

Screw! Where does the prison officer slang term 'Screw' originally come from? Find out here.

Tom Uren & Boggo Road Find out why the late great Tom Uren was once a reluctant 'guest' at Boggo Road.

In the Line of Fire: The Boggo Road Riots of 1986 A former prison officer's view of the 1986 riots at Brisbane's Boggo Road prison.

The Lingering Doubts of Brisbane's 1947 'Arcade Murder' A new book sheds new light on a 1940s Brisbane murder case that finished with the suicide of a man in the cells of Boggo Road prison.

Bill Kearney 1912-2011: A Good Man The late Bill Kearney was hugely-respected man and one of the true Boggo Road Greats.

Crims & Screws Conflict is often at the heart of the Boggo Road story, but were inmates and officers really so antagonistic?

1948: Reds in the Cell Beds Learn how McCarthyism was alive in 1950s Queensland and saw communist activists locked up Brisbane's Boggo Road prison.

A Damned Good Flogging 'Bring back flogging' is a common refrain, and these reports from 19th-century Queensland prisons show us but what was it was really like to be flogged.

The Boggo Burials Mystery Were there bodies once buried within the grounds of Boggo Road prison? Find out here.

From Boggo to Bangalore: The Day the Gaol Became an Indian Street Market When the inside of Brisbane's Boggo Road heritage prison was transformed into an Indian street market scene.

The Birth of Boggo Road A contemporary description of Boggo Road from when it first opened back in 1883.


Stop the Rot at Boggo Road What can be done to stop the Boggo Road heritage prison from slowly rotting away?

The Case For a Boggo Road Cultural Hub Brisbane's Boggo Road Gaol could and should become an innovative and brilliant cultural hub.

BRGHS Statement on the Current Boggo Road Planning Situation A March 2015 update from the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society on the current Boggo planning situation.

A 10-Point Primer on the Current Boggo Road Situation A July 2015 overview on what is happening at Brisbane’s Boggo Road Gaol and the buildings and tours there.

Boggo Road To Make Way For Shops? Will the Boggo Road heritage prison really be knocked down to make way for shops? Read about the proposals here.

Check the Facts & Make Up Your Own Mind About Plans For Boggo The planning phase for the Boggo redevelopment promises to be controversial, but it doesn't need to be.

Destroy All Your Books... Or Else: A Small Business Attacks a Historical Society The story behind a bizarre legal threat against the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society.

Boggo Road & the Kindness of Strangers Read some great public responses to the Boggo Road management debacle.

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