These articles have been moved to their new home at the 'About These Ghosts...' website, including the following:

Hallucinations and Ghost Sightings
A look at one possible explanation for some ghost sightings that draws on my personal experiences.

Dumbing Down Death Penalty History
How a ghost tour business dumbed down the centenary of the abolition of capital punishment in Queensland with made-up ghost stories.

The Historical Suffering of the Mentally Ill is Not a Freakshow
What is the motivation behind a ghost tour company's demands to use a former mental health institution?

Aliens Are Not History: The Credulousness and Despair of our Times
Why does the so-called 'History Channel' insist on showing hours of pseudo-scientific nonsense?

My Night Alone in a Boggo Road Cellblock
What happened when I spent a night alone in a Boggo Road cellblock?

My Evolving Attitude to Ghost Hunting
Some thoughts on attitudes towards Queensland 'ghost hunting' over the years.

What's in a Business Name? Not a Lot, Apparently
A rather strange case of petty malice from a paranormal operator towards a local history group on the other side of the country.

Nobody is Going to Sue You For Sharing a Story...
An attempt to privatise history and folklore, and the kind of threats that can follow.

Destroy All Your Books... Or Else: When Small Business Attacks Historical Societies
The shocking story behind a 'ghost tours' business' baseless threats against a respected community group.

The Sad Case of the Belanglo Forest Ghost Tours
Goulburn Ghost Tours sparked controversy with their unethical ghost tours about Ivan Milat's murder victims.

Hobart Paranormalists Harass a Pensioner
A Tasmanian ghost tours operation ignores a homeowner's requests for privacy and respect.

Ghost Hunts, Charlatans, and 'Pyschopathic Liars'
An expose on the types of people in the unregulated 'paranormal industry' of ghost hunts and ghost tours in Queensland.

Should Ghost-Hunting be Banned?
More specifically, should commercial ‘ghost hunting’ be banned? This article looks at the question from a scientific and ethical viewpoint.

Kentucky Fried Ghost-Hunts at Boggo Road
Can 'ghost hunts' in places where recent deaths in custody took place be respectful? And should the state government approve them?

'They Don't Know What Death Is': Ghost Hunting at a Suicide Scene
Responses to the Boggo Road ghost hunts from those with a personal connection to the deceased.

'Haunting Australia' (...and Also Your Wallet)
Color-by-numbers 'paranormal investigators' TV show fails to show originality and intelligence.

History and Ghost Hunting
Does the 'historian' really have a place in paranormal investigation teams.

(Please Don't Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
A teddy bear that starts flashing lights and talking to ghosts to indicate there is a ghost to room? New silliness from the ghost-hunting industry.

Busting Brisbane's Biggest Ghost Lie
Brisbane as the 'world's second most haunted city'? The timeline of marketing spin exposes some fundamental dishonesty.

Is Toowoomba the Most Haunted City in Australia?
A critical look at more 'most haunted' shenanigans, this time from Toowoomba, Queensland.

The Exorcism of Ernest Austin's Phoney Phantom
The exposure of a dubious Boggo Road ghost story.

The Woman in Black: Solving the Mystery of a Vanishing Ghost
How the sudden disappearance of a story from a cemetery 'ghost tour' raises questions about its original authenticity.

The Ghost That Haunted South Brisbane Cemetery... From 1,000 Miles Away
How a ghost tour company responded to the exposure of a marketing lie.

The Mysterious Case of the 'Ghost of Gallipoli'
A textbook example of how paranormal believers jump to conclusions and spread false 'evidence' for ghosts.

History Gets the Finger at the Old Printing Office
A story told on a ghost tour about a historical incident that apparently never happened.

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