My books and other writings (click on the links for book info and purchasing details).

Brisbane Beginnings #1: Dutton Park (2009) (with T Olivieri) 

Brisbane Beginnings #2: Fairfield (2010) (with T Olivieri) 

‘The Dead Outside the Fence: Burying executed prisoners in Brisbane, 1830-1913’, Queensland History Journal, vol. 20, no.8 (November 2008), Royal Historical Society of Queensland.

'Stone walls do a prison make: law on the landscape', Queensland Historical Atlas, 2011. 

‘What’s in a name? The rise, fall and comeback of Boggo’, Queensland History Journal, Volume 21, no. 4, November 2011.

'South Brisbane Cemetery', Trust News, Autumn 2012, National Trust of Queensland, 2012.

'Voracious monsters: People, sharks and the Brisbane River', Queensland History Journal, vol. 21, no.10 (August 2012), Royal Historical Society of Queensland. 

'The Evolution of Execution in Queensland', Queensland History Journal, vol. 22, no. 3 (November 2013), Royal Historical Society of Queensland. 

'A Thoroughly Modern Hanging', essay for the Queensland Supreme Court exhibition Path to Abolition: A History of Execution in Queensland, June 2014. 

'1884-1904' (chapter), Dutton Park State School 2009 to 1884: A Journey, 2009.