Queensland Stories

Queensland is the 'Deep North', the 'Sunshine State', or even - as the government would have us believe - the 'Smart State'. Here are some tales and reflections of the history of this place.

19th Century Queensland

Tigers, Roller-Coasters & Special Effects: Brisbane’s 19th-Century Dreamworld Discover a 19th-century Brisbane theme park with tigers, giant aquariums and roller coasters.

The 'Boggo' Boggle How did Boggo Road get its rather unusual name? Find out right here.

Beer Ahoy! in the Brisbane River What happens when the local population hear that floodwaters have sent 500 kegs of beer floating down the Brisbane River? You can probably guess...

Unnaturally Offensive: Queensland Zoophilia Learn about Queensland 19th-century bestiality laws and the unfortunates who fell foul of them.

You Reeker, Eureka! Getting Rid of Brisbane's Poo Learn about Brisbane's sanitary systems of the past, including the massive suburban sanitary disposal works that incinerated human waste.

The Tiger Man of Brisbane Learn about the remarkable Charles Higgins, Brisbane's tiger-tamer extraordinaire.

Reservation Life in Dutton Park Discover the impressive array of early government reserves that shaped the suburb of Dutton Park in Brisbane.

20th Century Queensland

Remembering Old Queensland on Facebook Discover the range of Facebook 'memory' pages for Queensland towns, cities and regions.

War & Peace & the Inala Civic Centre Discover what makes the Inala Civic Centre in Brisbane such a special place and a great place for food shopping.

The South Will Rise Again: Rebels of the 4077th Learn about a surprising case of political resistance in southern Brisbane suburbs.

Chinchilla Jones and His Unlucky Legs The remarkable story of Charles 'Chinchilla' Jones and his very unlucky legs, which were injured by a shark, World War 1 bullets and a tram.

Catholics Rioted When Mary and Joseph Came to Brisbane in 1900 Discover how religious sectarianism was alive and well in Brisbane at the turn of the 20th century, and how it led to a riot at a church.

The 'Lingering Doubts' of Brisbane's 1947 'Arcade Murder' A new book sheds new light on a 1940s Brisbane murder and questions the outcome that led to the suicide of a man in the cells of Boggo Road prison.

What Lies Beneath: The Secret Underground History of Brisbane Discover some of the surprising underground history that lies beneath Brisbane.

'Intemperance & the Train of Evils: A life on the wrong side of the tracks in colonial Brisbane’ A book exploring the life of a woman caught up in a life of petty crime in early 20th-century Brisbane.

Queensland Heritage Sites & Museums: A Price Comparison Just how expensive is privatised access to Brisbane's Boggo Road compared to other heritage sites in Queensland? Very expensive.

Brisbane Flood Damage 2011 A quick look at how the January 2011 Queensland floods affected a few heritage sites.

The Stammerer in History Discover some true legends of history who suffered with stammering.

Top 10 Free Online History Resources for Queenslanders A list of 10 highly useful websites for exploring Queensland history.

The Fairfield History Walk Enjoying a new history tour of the Brisbane suburb of Fairfield.

The Seven Devils of George Street Seven sandstone devils keep watch over Brisbane’s George St. from their vantage points on the old Printing Office. Find out how these rather strange objects found their way there.

History Gets the Finger at the Old Printing Office Doubts have emerged over a tragic story told to paying customers on a Brisbane history tour. Was a youth really crushed to death in the old George St. Printing Office?

Constance Clyde of Dutton Park: Author and Suffragette Learn about the life of Constance 'Clyde' McAdam - author, sometime Suffragette, and eventual Brisbanite.

A Brisbane Suffragette in London Brisbane resident Constance 'Clyde' McAdam was arrested for her part in a Suffragette protest outside the British Parliament in 1907. This is her account of those events.

A Suffragette Recalls Boggo Road Gaol A suffragette of the 1900s recalls her time inside Brisbane's Boggo Road Gaol of the 1930s.

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